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Here I am presenting my treks which are personal (see the menu at the 'top' right), mini- or day trip vacations. Usually, I take the train to a spot and ride my bike to another train station. With Corona day trips have become more problematic. Most of my trips have been in Berlin, out and back - no outback.

In 2019 I was in a funk, that means I had neither a place of my own nor space for my bike, so not many treks then. Nevertheless the winter of 2019/2020 was quite warm and I remembered that there were Cherry Blossoms in February as I was working in Blankenburg. So, to see if they were there in 2020, I went with my buddy on a walk up around my old haunting grounds. There they were again and I beggan to take walks and emerge from my funk. Then my roommates made room for my bike in the basement and I began to ride again.

Slowly, I will be adding ones for previous years. I am trying to have at least one for each year. Priorty will be for doing the newest treks, but time permitting, I will be adding more to the previous years.

I got my first GPS speedometer cum tracker in June of 2010, so no treks before that have maps. Previous to this I had a speedometer that counted how big my wheel was and how often it turned. Pictures before June 2010 are only aproximated as to where I photographed them on my trips. If I can, I'll make some "approximate" maps for these too.

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