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May 29, 2021
In and Out Bernau
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The Big Bathtub at Niederfinow

Off Day Test Rides

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May 15, 2021
Different Wall with Milestones

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Here are some bike treks I am attempting to organize with the friendly support of the International Baptist Church Berlin and Christ Church Berlin.

If you are interested in participating in a trip (or a test trip of a proposed one) or have suggestions for a trip, please contact me at fahrradler[at]

I have personally tested some of these "tour"s (and de"tour"s). As you can see from the "test" treks, these are not professional tours, but rather a general destination for friends and colleagues to get together for a good time on our bikes. The more I ride them and review the maps of the treks, the better I [we] will zig instead of zag at the appropriate spots.

My riding style is what my buddy Tom calls "Wooz!" I tend to walk up rises and crawl up hills dragging my bike in my teeth ahind me. Once a friendly native asked whether I shouldn't be riding, to which my reply was in the form of no, I ride for fun not exercise or to prove a point. Also, I usually pack my own picnic and stop at a convenient, mosquito infested spot along the way. Some groups I have ridden with prefer a comfortable beer garden. I am open to mutiny on these trips and all deciding to stop at a beer garden.

How the "Roll your own""Hop on - Hop off" trip works:
As you look at the test ride map (click on the title of a section [In and Out Bernau Trek] and a larger map will open in another window) you will see a START (i.e. at IBCB) and several bicycle symbols. These represent points to join the trip at S-Bahn stations along the way. At each point, I will check my phone for a call or SMS that someone wishes to join. If they are not there waiting for us, I will call them and arrange to meet them at the next point. As the ride is several hours long we (this is the group "we", not the "Imperial We") will not be able to wait around for you there. Thus at Südkreuz, I would check if there is anyone to meet at Potsdamer Platz. At Wollanckstr. I would check to see if there is someone to join at Buch.

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