Forms of Business

This time, we will see what business forms are available in English.

  • Write 100 words critiquing a business form found in this class' text Business Forms, explaining your critique based on the advantages and disadvantages of the form.

    An example of this for you is the following:

    An LLP (Limited Liability Partnership, in Germany this could be a GbRmbH) is a form developed for partnerships that were not sharing the business as much as the physical facilities and / or synergy. An LLP could be lawyers (or doctors) combining to offer different fields of expertise in a one stop-shop environment. They would save on support staff supplying general support to their specialty niches (receptionist, secretaries, research assistants &c.).

    A disadvantage is the difficulty in providing security to creditors. If an office space is needed with one entrance and seven offices, the landlord would be less willing to rent to clients who insist the entire rent is not important, only their individual portion.

  • The Cross Cultural Dilemna (to download and prepare for next class)
  • English Grammar For Economics And Business*: Chapter 5: …the Definite and Indefinite Article…, pages 118-139 (to download and prepare for next class)

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